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Final Render

My challenge for this project was to make a cg object look like the real object and to convincingly integrate it into the real scene, then apply a fun effect to it.




I used these photos to recreate the scene in Maya. The first photo was used for placement reference for the CG mug. The 2nd image was used as a clean plate for the background.  With the matte cube and sphere photos, I was able to use a default cube and sphere in Maya to make sure the shadows and lighting lined up with the real photos. With the mirror ball I was able to create a HDRI that matched the lighting in Maya to the lighting in real life. The last photo is the wireframe of the CG mug and shadow laid out on the clean plate.

Particle Effect

Screenshot (150).png

I was able to reuse an old script that I had written in Python to create the dissolving effect. I had to make some edits for the texture, but the script gave me the general setup for the effect which made it a lot easier for me.   (download .txt file of script)

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